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Over the last two and a half years, the Opera sector has undergone a complete reorientation, thanks to initiatives from Director Peter Spuhler. This pertains, on the one hand, to content and, on the other, to the many new measures to open the house. An example of this is the “Political Opera” series, which features in the repertoire every year. Children’s and Youth Operas are performed regularly in both the KLEINES and the GROSSES HAUS and will soon also feature in classrooms. Popular theatre in the Opera enables amateurs to tread the boards alongside professionals. Thanks to this variety in the repertoire, the STAATSTHEATER has recently been commended for featuring, amongst other things, the best Opera programme in Germany.

The reinvigoration of the OPERNBALL, numerous educational programmes, comprehensive communication on every channel of the House, thematically aligned marketing promotions and new partners in the City have enhanced the regional and international influence of the STAATSTHEATER. A new group of audiences has been captivated by the Opera House.

Opera with audio description for blind and partially-sighted guests, free entry for students, the foyer as a study location featuring WLAN, and surtitles in foreign languages, e. g. Turkish, encourage apprehensive newcomers to overcome their fears and to understand Opera better. Twice already, the STAATSTHEATER has been commended in “Land of Ideas” for these measures to increase openness.